About Founded Clothing Co

Well done, and thank you, for being interested…hope you’ll find as as cool as we Founded you!

Founded is, in fact, more than just clothing…

…but read on, we’re getting ahead of ourselves!

Things don’t need to be lost to be found.  

Like finding new life in an old style, finding new wisdom in words written a lifetime ago and jamming out new moves to a record that was listened to when people were first called Hippies.  

Oh, what a feeling it is to find something you never knew you’ve been looking for or holding something you’ve been searching for all your life, hear the whisper or hear the shout:

“FOUND IT!” FOUNDED!! #SeeWhatWeDidThere

What Is Founded?

Everything deserves a second, second chance.  

Founded is a charming online thrift/second-hand store.  

Now you can treasure hunt anywhere, anytime.  

A % of all purchased items go to Amiici Care, an amazing Non-Profit who was a major player in the Garden Route Fires and do great work in various communities.  

So you are giving the items a second chance as well as the people affected by this tragedy.  

Two second chances are better than none.

Be part of our journey as we transform styles and lives.  

Founded rhymes with grounded which is cool because Grounded means you’re down to earth and steady where you are in life right now.

The Founded Feeling

Founded will not only make you feel like you just discovered the mother of all thrift shop gems, it will also make you feel like you contributed to an amazing cause.

Which you did! if you bought an item or 30.  It will make you want to give yourself a high five!

Founded will most definitely make people feel refreshed when they see that even teenagers can still wear grandma’s old jersey if you style it the FOUNDED way.

On Founded, you will only see an opportunity for a style you can rock, that nobody’s got.

It makes us happy to know that we are helping those in need through doing what we love most.

It makes us very happy to see old gems finding their way back into the trending fashion but in a completely new way.

 It makes us happy that all of the clothes don’t go to waste.”


Founded has an avant-garde charm that will make anyone look pretty damn cool and feel like a trendsetter.  

It’s for the indie kids and the innovative souls, it’s for the vagabonds and visionaries of all ages and eras.

Why don’t you put the grand back in grandpa or give your awkward teenage years an edge?

You’ll find skirts, shirts, jerseys, jackets, accessories, hats and dresses!

Can you say: “Dress up for days!”?

Everything you’ll buy in the Founded store will be unique and a limited edition item…because there’s literally one one 😉

Do good.

Look good.

Be Founded.

Founded Clothing Co’s Partner

Amiici Care, a division of Amiici Global, is a Non Profit Company driven by an enthusiastic team with a passion to help those in need and to provide opportunities for growth and empowerment.



Amiici Care offers valuable support to uplift, train, develop and sustain communities.

Training opportunities serve to reinforce personal value to individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

In times of crisis and disaster they offer much needed structured disaster relief.

They source and obtain valuable resources and distribute it responsibly to specific places of need.



Amiici Care accomplishes individual growth and health that ultimately strengthens communities.

They provide relief aid in times of crisis and disaster.

They pride themselves in being responsible, transparent and accountable.



Amiici Care prioritises the growth and development of individuals within communities.

They aim at utilising training opportunities as means to uplift and benefit communities in need.

They prioritise individuals, communities and areas affected by disaster and crisis.

They believe in working together and creating partnerships with business and organisations for the benefit of communities crossing all borders.